Google Classroom Videos: A Tutorial


Mr. Wright and I assigned your first Google Classroom video assignment of the year today. It is due by midnight on Friday, September 28th. I’ve attached the instructions for logging into GC in this email, just in case you have not joined your appropriate class.

Tip: If you have a smartphone or a tablet, Google Classroom has an app! It is very simple to submit your video this way.

Video Instructions:

  1. Position yourself in front of your camera so that we can see your hand position and embouchure (for wind players, we need to be able to see that you are forming the correct shape with your mouth/lips on your instrument).
  2. You can introduce the video and make it personal.
  3. You may use a metronome (here is a free online metronome!) or use a handheld metronome on your music stand. This is recommended to keep a steady tempo. Playing your excerpt at a slower tempo with accuracy is preferred. We would rather you take it slow and perform the solo at a pace that is comfortable for you. We will often give you tempo guidelines- if you must modify your tempo, please write us a comment in the assignment before you hit “submit”.
  4. Take as many “takes” as you need to submit your best work to us.
  5. We are NOT taking away points if you make mistakes. We are grading you on effort, improvement from week to week, and a positive attitude. We do not expect you to submit perfect videos and recordings; we know that you are beginner and intermediate level players who still need to work on these skills! Just show us your best work and let us guide you with our comments.

Once per month, we will assign you a “wild card” assignment. This can be a song of your choice- and you can choose to perform it with props, costume, or even family members/pets! We want you to have fun while you’re practicing. You should be practicing your instrument daily. Set small goals for yourself, and base each practice session on those goals. You will get better every day if you do this, and you’ll feel great about how you sound!

Let’s “band together” and get this first assignment in on time!

Miss Lacasse & Mr. Wright

Published by Allison Lacasse

Allison Lacasse has been appointed as Band Director at Belmont High School beginning in 2019. She began her career as a music teacher at South Row School in Chelmsford, MA, and then became the Band Director McCarthy Middle School in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, as well as the Associate Band Director for the Chelmsford High School Band Program. In 2018, Allison made her conducting debut at Carnegie Hall in New York City with the Chelmsford All Town Wind Ensemble, a group she founded. Allison maintains a flute studio of over a dozen flutists. Allison hosts an annual summer flute camp for beginner and intermediate flutists in Chelmsford, and is the artistic director for the URI Summer Music Academy Chamber Music Intensive camp. Allison is an active orchestral flutist and chamber musician in the Greater Boston area. She has performed on flute & piccolo for a number of local orchestras, including the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra, Boston Civic Symphony, New Hampshire Philharmonic, South County Chamber Orchestra, among others. She has performed in notable performance spaces such as Jordan Hall and Symphony Hall. She performed in the New York University Summer Chamber Music Institute in 2010 with the Quintet of the Americas. Allison was a student in the Fellowship program of the Imani Winds Chamber Music Festival held at Juilliard in the summer of 2012. In 2015, Allison performed as principal flute in the Boston Symphony Orchestra's Onstage at Symphony program. Allison received Bachelor of Music degrees in Music Education and Performance from the University of Rhode Island (2007), a Master of Education degree from Cambridge College (2009), and a Master’s Degree in Music Education from the American Band College with Central Washington University (2018). Allison was a semifinalist for the 2017 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year. In 2018, Allison was selected among her peers for the Music Advocacy Award from the Massachusetts Music Educators Association.

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