Paris, Day 1 (May 31-June 1)

I am happy to say that we have arrived in beautiful Paris! The weather was warm here today, so we stuck to the shade in the parks and along the River Seine. With me today are two of my close friends from home, Miss Caroline and Miss Kait. Miss Kait’s sister, Miss Morgan, will be joining us on Monday. These wonderful people have come along to Paris for a vacation, as well as to watch our concert in Normandy on June 6th. Kids, when you are adults, find awesome friends who like to travel! 🙂 Also with me today were two other music teacher friends, Mr. Pedro (tenor sax) and Ms. Davis (alto sax). They will be performing in the band as well!

We took a long walk in the afternoon and ended it at Notre Dame Cathedral. You can’t get close to it, as they are beginning the long recovery process after the terrible fire that they had on Marathon Monday. It was heartbreaking to see the devastation to this beautiful and important place in Paris. We stayed at the outskirts of the church for a while and stared in disbelief. I come to Paris about once or twice per year, so this was a shocking site to see. The roof is completely gone, and they have temporary windows on the outside of the building. It was eerie to see so much transparency through the architecture. As we looked at it, we were reminded how lucky it is that the entire cathedral was not lost.

We are very jet-lagged and tired! I will write again soon. Mr. Sexauer and his father, Mr. (Pete) Sexauer, will be joining our crew tomorrow! Thanks for reading, friends!

Hundreds of people sitting under the shade of the Luxembourg Gardens trees.
Cafe de Flore, a famous Parisian cafe!
Seine Riverboat
Notre Dame from the south side.
Zoomed in shot of the scaffolding and repair work.
A heartbreaking image of flowers (now dried) placed at the perimeter of the cathedral area.
A completely changed view of the church.

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