Project/Website Overview

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This website is a guide for beginning and intermediate band instrumentalists. This will address hand position, embouchure, fingering charts, pitch tendencies, transposition, and exercises to create healthy instrumentalist habits for all. The website will include the following for each instrument:

Each Instrument:
Instrument Assembly (videos)
Hand Position and Posture (photos)
Fingering Charts
Pitch Tendencies
Equipment to Purchase
Instrument Care and Maintenance
Prominent Players
Photography of Professional Players
If applicable, prominent players will have links to their Spotify playlists

Separate Pages For All Members to Visit:
Scale exercise for beginning band
Duet for beginning band
Reading notes/rhythms in bass and treble clef
How to follow a conductor 4/4, 3/4, 2/4 pattern
Practice accessories (music stand, metronome, tuner)

Note: Each instrument web page will be mostly identical. However, some formatting may change in order to suit each instrument.

How it will work for our band program:
The website will be a master collection of each instrument category. At the beginning of each school year, I will share the website with my band families and use it daily in rehearsals. Each player will be able to access the site in school and at home. I think that this will be equally helpful to band parents (who are not in the band room when most of this important information on equipment, hand position, and maintenance and care take place). This project will be an important resource to my students. I will continue to add information through the years as it is collected.

I anticipate that it will help my students become better musicians. It will be one consistent place that all members can refer to for correct information about their instrument.

Down your McCarthy Band Handbook here: McBand Handbook

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A project by Allison Lacasse: 3rd year Practical Application project for completion of a Masters Degree in Music Education at the American Band College of Central Washington University (2018).