Following a Conductor

Conductors Baton

Following a conductor takes time and practice, just like learning an instrument! The videos below will help you learn the three basic conductor patterns that are used in beginning band. You will learn about tapping your foot along with how to recognize which beat the conductor (and his/her baton!) is on. It is so important to be able to follow a conductor; he or she will be the person you are always watching for the speed of the beat, dynamics (volume), and for musical style.

Common beat patterns in beginning band:


The following images are diagrams of each of the above beat patterns. Grab a pencil and conduct along!

Conducting Patterns

Watch below for a video explanation of the above conducting patterns.


ABC Block SOLIDSwhite

A project by Allison Lacasse: 3rd year Practical Application project for completion of a Masters Degree in Music Education at the American Band College of Central Washington University (2018).