Welcome to the world of percussion! Here are the instruments that you will be playing in beginning band:

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Snare Drum Technique – Video

You will have access to the bass drum, tambourine, crash cymbals, triangle, and xylophone in the band room. At home, you should have a practice pad and snare drum to practice your rudiments, snare drum fundamentals, and snare drum exercises in the method book.

Snare Drum Technique – Slideshow

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Crash Cymbals, Xylophone Technique – Slideshow

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What Should You Have At Home?

For beginners, it is recommended that all students have a practice pad and bell kit at home. This Ludwig student kit has a rubber practice pad, comes with snare sticks and mallets, as well as a 2.5-octave Padouk xylophone. It all fits in one rolling case and is easy to assemble and put away.

Adding on Equipment for Intermediate Players

Screenshot 2018-07-25 17.40.55Snare Drum
Pearl Philharmonic 14” x 5” maple snare drum

Snare Drum: As you become more advanced in band, you will want to purchase your own concert snare drum for practice at home. The characteristics of this type of drum would be a 14-inch drum, wooden, with ten lugs, and it should be 5 inches tall. This Pearl drum is a good standard instrument to purchase for any advancing student. If you do not have access to a wooden drum, this Ludwig drum will be suitable for your needs.

Adams Xylophone
Adams 3.5 Octave Rosewood Xylophone

Xylophone: Eventually, you will want access at home to a mallet instrument that is similar to the concert instruments available in the band room. This Adams 3.5 Octave Rosewood Xylophone will suit your needs, and the setting up/breakdown of the instrument is simple!

Percussive Arts Society 40 Essential (Snare Drum) Rudiments

(Download your own copy here!)

Screenshot 2018-07-25 17.12.15PAS RudimentsScreenshot 2018-07-25 17.12.26PAS Rudiments

ABC Block SOLIDSwhite

A project by Allison Lacasse: 3rd year Practical Application project for completion of a Masters Degree in Music Education at the American Band College of Central Washington University (2018).